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the good cleaning foundation - education and skills for the cleaning profession.

Quality Training for all staff

All our staff undertake training courses and modules critical to service delivery.

A focus on Cleaning Science

We achieve and exceed the expectations of BICS, AHCP and other trusted organisations.

Achieving a Social Good

Our bursary programme provides the training and skills to build a transformative career.

Core Skills Training

All staff need to master the essential cleaning skills that are common across every type of client. Our Core Skills modules ensure the skills are learned in theory and in practice, across a range of cleaning scenarios.

Specialised Courses

Beyond our Core Skills modules, we expand technician knowledge to cleaning scenarios in specialist areas, with specialist equipment to achieve specific outcomes and achieve industry and bespoke standards.

Training Bursary

Each year we cover the costs of training for a number of individuals who are looking to upskill in the cleaning profession, but simply don’t have the means. We give them a transformative opportunity at a new career.

Living Wage

Paying just the legal minimum wage is not enough for a company determined to address social inequality and the imbalance of opportunity. That’s why we’re supporting the work of the Living Wage Foundation by paying all our staff a wage that is enough to live on.

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